Standart revolver ammunition.

Bullet: 10,25g, 158gr, V0= 270m/s, E0/J= 370

not available
38 SPECIAL Shot shell
Typical shot-shelf projectile – jacket is made of a brittle material that is crumbling away during way through the barrel, only shots hit the target.
Usage: warning shot, dog-training (shot-sxteady). During warning shot in closed space when the shots hit the solid obstacle, they aren’t recoiled and that’s why there’s no life-threat.
Suitable distance: 3–5 meters.
not available
380R Blanc / 9mmR Blanc
Blank cartridge 9mm/380/R Blanc is intended for gas-guns application. It is used for example on shot imitation for fun, for man-to-man defense, start-up shots or for take-off of small signal flares. Blank cartridge is especially featured by high water-proof and wet ability-proof. On account of its constructional simplicity this cartridge gets past to purposes of fun shot imitation or for take-off of small signal flares (even in wet places). Of course it is necessary to follow the service instruction.