7,65 mm / 32 AUTO

7,65 Browning FMJ
Compact and light, but short ranged, having smaller stopping power.

Bullet: 4,75g, 73grs, V0= 320m/s, E0/J = 240

not available
Variation of cartridge 9mm Luger.
not available
7,65 Browning Shot shell
Typical shot-shelf projectile – jacket is made of a brittle material that is crumbling away during way through the barrel, only hgh information shots hit the target.
Usage: warning shot, dog-training (shot-sxteady). During warning shot in closed space when the shots hit the solid obstacle, they aren’t recoiled and that’s why there’s no life-threat.
Suitable distance: 3–5 meters.
While using this projectile to the weapons CZ-83, model 50 and model 70 is weapon fully working – its self-loading ability is provided.
not available