Rifle ammunition

17 Libra
Projectile .17 Libra matches the requirements of the C.I.P. norm. It’s determined for hunting rifles and for sport shooting, suitable especially for military self-loading weapons and automatic weapons type PDW (Personal Defence Weapon). High velocity of the projectile manages to shoot through a steel board to 10 m distance. Regarding small proportions and low weight of this projectile is possible to make small firearms with low recoil and quantity of projectiles in the cartridge.
Package is suited according to the customer.
17 R Libra
There is variation of projectile .17 Libra with a rim that is determined for hunting weapons with break-barrel and Morris-tube especially for hunting of predatory game. It’s possible to use it for sport shooting too.
17 Libra Magnum
Projectile 17 Libra Magnum is determined for hunting of smaller animals on long distances, sport shooting, but mainly for constructing on new PDE weapons. It is a variation of 17 Libra projectile. There is thickened case head, changed shape of combustion space and enlarged interior space for gun powder. Higer power, higher working pressures, higher muzzle velocity, and very low exceeding of trajectory over sight line together with great shooting accuracy makes it an excelent product. We also prepared variation of this cartridge – 20 Libra Magnum with heavier bullet.